Himes' Greatest Hits

For years Jim Himes has said one thing but done another. Every two years he comes out from hiding, does his election year "I'm actually a moderate" routine to raise campaign cash, and then returns from whence he came – hiding under his desk while CT's resources get squandered for another two years in both DC and Hartford.


Hime's Hit No.  1

In the first two months of the 111th Congress (January 2009 et seq.) Himes voted to approve 1.2 trillion dollars in new spending: or about a billion dollars an hour over the first fifty days.  

 Hime's Hit No. 2

Feb 2009 - Himes voted for the Economic Stimulus bill, which included a loophole that allowed AIG executives to receive millions in bonuses after receiving federal assistance.

Hime's Hit No. 3

 2009 - Himes voted for the House version of the economic stimulus -- aimed at preventing a deepening financial crisis -- which provided for federal borrowing/spending for the following items: 

  • $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts;
  • $600 million to purchase vehicles for government employees;
  • $400 million for localities to buy energy efficient buses;
  • $400 million to research global warming; and
  • The creation of thirty-two entirely new government programs


Coming Attractions:

-The ACA: "If you like your insurance you can keep it"..."this is great for CT.."
-The TPP: "I'm for it .... I'm against it .... I'm not sure ..."
- Iran Nuclear deal: supported it because it keeps nukes away from Iran for another "12 months ..."
-Syrian refugee screening: "horrible ..worse than 1939..." But votes for it.


8/22/16 - This Edition of Himes’ Greatest (Mis)Hits – aka “HIME'S HITS”

Fiscal 2016 Zika Response Appropriations – Passage - Vote Passed (241-184, 8 Not Voting) The bill provides $622 million in supplemental funds to activities to deal with the Zika virus including $503 million in domestic funding and $119 million in international funding — with the cost of that funding being fully offset. The measure rescinds $352 million originally allocated to fight the Ebola virus along with rescinding $270 million in Department of Health and Human Services administrative funding. Rep. Jim Himes voted NO


IRS Hiring – Passage - Vote Passed (254-170, 9 Not Voting)The chamber passed a measure which prohibits the IRS from hiring any new employees until the Treasury Department certifies that no IRS worker has serious tax delinquencies. The measure defines such delinquency as an outstanding debt under the Internal Revenue Code for which a notice of lien has been filed in public records. Rep. Jim Himes voted NO

IRS Oversight and User Fees - Passage - Vote Passed (245-179, 9 Not Voting)The House passed a bill which makes Internal Revenue Service spending of the user fees it collects subject to the annual appropriations process, thereby blocking the IRS from spending collected user fees unless Congress provides for such spending in appropriations acts. This restriction would apply to all IRS user fees collected after the date of enactment.Rep. Jim Himes voted NO

Bar IRS from Rehiring Certain Employees – Passage - Vote Passed (260-158, 15 Not Voting)The House passed a measure which prohibits the IRS from rehiring former employees who were previously removed or terminated for misconduct. It would apply with respect to any IRS employee removed at any time (before, on or after the date of enactment.) Rep. Jim Himes voted NO


Himes/Hits No. 8:  Greatest Legislative Achievement - DARWIN DAY!

Feb 2014:Reps. Rush Holt (D-N.J.), Jim Himes (D-Conn.) and Mike Honda (D-Calif.) offer  H.Res. 467, to make Feb. 12 "Darwin Day."  The bill sought to recognize Charles Darwin's contributions to science, but also dropped in some needless political/argumentative digs:

. . .

Whereas the advancement of science must be protected from those unconcerned with the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change;

Whereas the teaching of creationism in some public schools compromises the scientific and academic integrity of the United States education systems;

. . .

Cheap political stunts are a waste of time and resources.  Indeed, I believe in both evolution and that we must pursue balanced polices to address global climate change, but passive-aggressive resolutions do little to advance the cause.  Our federal representatives are taking unproductive pot shots at people with whom they disagree, while here at home our state is losing employers, population and opportunities.  We can do better, we must do better.


9/13 -Himes/Hits No. 9:  THE FAST TRACK TO TPP

Jim Himes had an opportunity to stand up for American workers and American sovereignty, but instead, he did what he was told.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”) came after years of negotiations between hundreds of trade “advisors” from foreign and domestic corporate interests – negotiations that were closed to public comment, the United States Congress and the press.

When it finally came time to act, Jim Himes and others in Congress surrendered their duty to vet and refine the deal, and ceded their authority to President Obama by giving him “fast track” authority (i.e., limiting Congress to a mere yes or no vote).

In an era when access to worldwide information sits on our cell phones, legislative scrutiny should not yield to executive secrecy and convenience.

Jim Himes has thus exposed the country to the rotten core of the TPP -- the “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” process (“ISDS”).  ISDS creates panels of three corporate lawyers (not independent judges) who decide disputes between member nations and/or their companies, but do so outside of the U.S. court system and in spite of U.S. law.  Their guiding principles are the provisions of the TPP.

This panel will provide access to thousands of multinational corporations to sue the U.S. government and challenge U.S labor and environmental laws, thereby undermining the will of the U.S. electorate and import of U.S. domestic policy.

This panel can also award unlimited sums (including damages for “expected lost profits”) to be paid by American taxpayers when foreign corporations claim U.S. policies violate their new entitlements under TPP.

More importantly, this panel will protect large international investors and companies, but not the American worker, because foreign investors get access to ISDS, but American labor unions do not.

This is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue.  Free and fair trade agreements must be pursued, but should not be paid for by a surrender of our national sovereignty and our national self-interest.  Jim Himes had a chance to stand up to President Obama but instead did what he was told.  

We can do better; we must do better.

9/27 - Tax Break for Olympic Heroes? A Sole Lawmaker - Jim Himes - Says No

WASHINGTON — A group of United States Olympians from the Rio Games is set to visit the White House on Thursday. It’s a safe bet that one particular lawmaker will be excluded from the guest list.

That would be Representative Jim Himes, Democrat of Connecticut, a former Harvard rower who last week cast the only vote against a bill that would give most United States Olympic and Paralympic medalists a tax break on their victory bonuses.

The vote on the bill — which was approved by the Senate earlier this year and is expected to be signed into law by President Obama — was 415 to 1.

10/4 - Himes Mis-Hit - Lousy Priorities

John Shaban has been on the ground in Fairfield County for years - both as a State Rep and helping kids and urban neighborhoods through his not for profits.

While Shaban focuses on urban renewal, education, and transportation, Jim Himes tries to pass legislation to create "Darwin Day" and tax Olympic medalists.

Where do his priorities truly lie?  His eight years of done nothing, do nothing has to come to an end.




Despite the undeniable failure of the "Affordable" Care Act, Jim Himes is doubling down on the ACA and voted against the sick and seniors.

Rep. Jim Himes voted NO on legislation that repeals the increases in the threshold at which individuals may begin deducting unreimbursed medical expenses from their income as set by the 2010 health care law, thereby rolling the threshold back to 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income for all taxpayers and preventing the threshold from increasing to 10 percent for senior citizens. Under the measure, the medical deduction threshold reverts to 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income beginning with the current 2016 tax year.

*From MegaVote - HR 3590: Health Expenses Tax Deductions - Vote Passed (261-147, 23 Not Voting)

See Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's comments here:


>More to come, check back often.