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Falls Church, Virginia – The Center for American Homeless Veterans (CAHV) announced today it is endorsing John Shaban for election to Connecticut’s 4th District (CT-4), naming him a “Champion of Champions” for American Veterans.

Over the past year, CAHV contacted Congressman Jim Himes’ campaign and Hill staff nine (9) times. CAHV staff sent emails and left several voicemails asking for the candidate's platform on American Veterans and inviting him to affirm the Veterans' Bill of Rights (VBOR), which was supplied.

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Visit their website.

Visit Veterans Vision website.

John's legislative priorities as discussed with the Hearst Media Group Editorial Board.


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STAMFORD — U.S Rep. Jim Himes supports the Iran nuclear deal while John Shaban does not.

Himes said he is undecided on the Trans-Pacific Partnership while Shaban is “not a fan.”

Himes believes the United States is still a respected power among nations and our enemies abroad, while Shaban thinks otherwise.

In contrast to their debate the previous night, the 4th Congressional District incumbent and his Republican found little common ground Monday at a debate centered on foreign affairs.

Read the full story at the Connecticut Post

(John Shaban, the Republican candidate in the 4th Congressional District, speaks with Quirine Hartong as he walks through a neighborhood and knocks on doors, in Norwalk, Conn)

NORWALK — For a Republican, this was an unwelcome mat.

As if the Clinton-Kaine sign in the front yard wasn’t foreboding enough, there was the anti-gun bumper sticker on the cab of the pickup truck in the driveway.

John Shaban, a 6-foot-3-inch, 260-pound former semi-professional football player, was not deterred. He wedged a campaign brochure in the door handle.

“Well, I voted for the gun bill. Maybe I’ll pull them in,” Shaban said, shrugging as he ambled away from the two-story home on Possum Lane in Norwalk.

In the year of Donald Trump and a polarized electorate, the three-term state representative from Redding seems somewhat out of place among the Republicans running for Congress on the national map.

Read the full stopry at the Connecticut Post

The Grand Old Party, New Canaan-style, had all the fixings for a great night Monday, Oct. 10, at the local Republican Town Committee’s Meet the Candidates event at Lapham Community Center.

The A-list politicos were in attendance: Tom O’Dea (State Rep.), Fred Wilms (State Rep.), Gail Lavielle (State Rep.), Toni Boucher (State Sen.), Scott Frantz (State Sen.), John Shaban (candidate for U.S. Rep, 4th Congressional district), Dan Carter (candidate for U.S. Senate), and a representative from the Trump campaign.



(Candidates at the RTC’s Meet the Candidates event included Tom O’Dea, left, John Shaban, Fred Wilms, Toni Boucher (in blue), Gail Lavielle, Scott Frantz and Dan Carter.—Michael Catarevas photo)

Read the full story at the New Canaan Advertiser.

NORWALK — Democratic incumbents came under fire on issues ranging from Connecticut’s economy to the federal Affordable Care Act during a candidates’ forum in East Norwalk on Wednesday evening.

John Shaban, the Redding Republican and state representative hoping to unseat Himes in November, said he’d work to fix the law through interstate competition, tort reform and insurance plan clarification. He identified Washington, D.C., as Connecticut’s biggest enemy health care, education and other issues facing the state.

“We send dollars to D.C. and beg for pennies back, and then it comes back with strings attached,” Shaban said.

Read the full story on The Hour

RIDGEFIELD, CT — Written By Scott Benjamin: John Shaban says the key to making America more vibrant is for the federal government to get out of the way and let state and local officials make a majority of the decisions and control a greater share of the money.

To underscore his commitment, Shaban, the Republican candidate in the Fourth Congressional District, said any taxpayer that makes a private donation to an in-state education, transportation or urban development program would get a federal tax deduction of 200 percent of that amount. He said, if elected, it would be the first bill that he would introduce in Congress.

Read the full story on the Ridgefield Patch

Eric Trump, who grew up partly in Greenwich, made a surprise appearance at the 85th Annual Cos Cob Republican Clambake at Greenwich Point on Sunday, an event that signifies the start of the fall campaign season.

“We’re the richest state, but we can’t pay for education and schools. This is why we’re going to win,” said state Rep. John Shaban who is running opposite Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Himes. “The Republicans believe in people before they believe in government. The Republicans believe in work and a hand up before programs and a hand out. We’re going to win at every level.”

Read the full story in the Greenwich Sentinel

GREENWICH — Congressional candidate John Shaban made a surprise visit to Greenwich High School’s Young Republicans’ after-school meeting Thursday.

Shaban, a state representative from Redding and a Greenwich environmental attorney, is challenging Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep.Jim Himes in November’s election. Himes is seeking his fifth term in office representing the 4th District.

The visit was not school sponsored. The school takes no political stand, administrators said.

Shaban’s discussion ranged from his take on economic policies to gay marriage — which he supports — and abortion. He wants less money going to Washington and more power in the hands of local government.

“I just disagree with how Jim approaches policy,” Shaban said. “They feel if we have a big central authority like government when we have issues or problems, well, don’t worry, because the government will figure it out. But that’s a system that worked very well in the 1930s and into the 1940s. It’s old and outdated now.”

In response, Rowan Kane, Himes’ deputy campaign director, said “Congressman Himes is not in favor of big government or small government, just effective, efficient government. ... The most prominent difference between him and John Shaban on this front is that John Shaban thinks Donald Trump should lead our country and Jim doesn’t.”

State Rep. John Shaban, the Republican challenger in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District, says he has a plan to keep more federal tax dollars in Connecticut. Shaban made the announcement in front of Bridgeport City Hall on Tuesday.

Shaban says that if elected, he would introduce a bill in Congress to allow a 200 percent federal tax deduction on certain in-state donations. He says the donations would be for an education fund, a transportation fund, and an urban redevelopment fund. He says this would benefit cities like Bridgeport.

Read the full story on WSHU's site

Listen to WSHU's Ebong Udoma interviewing John Shaban

John Shaban released his first legislative agenda item this week aimed at keeping taxes paid by Connecticut residents in Connecticut. "Upon being sworn in the Congress I will propose a bill that allows for a 200% tax deduction for in-state private donations to one of three dedicated in-state funds to be managed by the states and/or third-party fiduciaries,” Shaban announced.

"We send nearly the most to Washington per capita, get back nearly the least in rate of return, and are then told by the feds how to spend what’s left of our money for our local needs.  It is no wonder why so many of our roads, programs and schools are either broke or broken."

Shaban said he wants to adjust and restore the relationship between Connecticut and the federal government to better manage state financial resources. "We need to keep more money here in Connecticut, to be managed by the people we elect here in Connecticut, to solve the needs we have here in Connecticut,” Shaban said.

Shaban’s proposal would create three funds -- an In-State Education Fund, an In-State Transportation Fund, and an In-State Urban Redevelopment Fund.  According to Shaban’s proposal, if a Connecticut tax payer donates $1,000 to one of these funds, they will get a $2,000 deduction on their tax returns, while also being assured that their redirected tax dollars are being used locally to fund these essential local needs.  

"This simple 'short-circuit' will prompt local reinvestment, and help end the wasteful state-to-federal-to-state ‘grant' cycle that robs the states of authority and funding.  It will also provide immediate income and property tax relief to our district and beyond because we will finally be using 100% of our local tax dollars for our local needs,” Shaban said.

"The days of begging for our money back must cease."

WASHINGTON — A group of United States Olympians from the Rio Games is set to visit the White House on Thursday. It’s a safe bet that one particular lawmaker will be excluded from the guest list.

That would be Representative Jim Himes, Democrat of Connecticut, a former Harvard rower who last week cast the only vote against a bill that would give most United States Olympic and Paralympic medalists a tax break on their victory bonuses.

The vote on the bill — which was approved by the Senate earlier this year and is expected to be signed into law by President Obama — was 415 to 1.

Read the full story in the New York Times

BRIDGEPORT—Voters will get to see Connecticut’s 4th Congressional district candidates, John Shaban and Rep. Jim Himes, face-off in back to back debates next month.

The state legislator and incumbent Congressman will first debate at Wilton High School on Oct. 23 in an event co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of District 4. The next day, Oct. 24, they will discuss issues of foreign policy for a debate organized by the World Affairs Forum at UCONN Stamford.

Read the full story in the CT Post.

State Rep. John Shaban of Redding, who represents Redding, Easton and Weston in the General Assembly, opened his campaign’s district-wide headquarters in Bridgeport last Thursday afternoon.

Shaban is the first Republican Congressional Candidate to place his general election headquarters in the City of Bridgeport, according to his campaign.

Read the full story in the Shelton Herald

In an unconventional political year, John Shaban is positioning himself as a different type of congressional candidate, a "tree-hugging, pro gun control, pro-choice Republican," he jests.

Shaban, 52, a state representative from Redding, has conservative credentials when it comes to fiscal policy and his desire for smaller government. But in the legislature he's a ranking member on the environment committee – where he works across party lines with Democrats – and he voted for the post-Newtown gun control package.


Read the full story in the Hartford Courant

Republican candidate for Congress John Shaban on Thursday did something very few GOP regional candidates for office have even thought about: he opened his campaign headquarters in Bridgeport in an effort to broaden his reach against four-term Democratic incumbent Jim Himes in Connecticut’s 4th District.

“Bridgeport is an example of the central thesis of my campaign,” Shaban told party officials and supporters at his opening on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock, the last bastion of neighborhood Republicanism in Connecticut’s most populous city. “We have the resources (to turn around the city and region) but not the management … We can’t fund the things we need to fund because of poor management … I’m a team guy,” the former semi-pro football player added, “It’s not about Democrats or Republicans.”

 (Ebong Udoma - WSHU Public Radio - interviews John)

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Massive die-offs of bees and other pollinators have been occurring all around the globe in recent years due to suburban sprawl, misuse of certain pesticides and the destruction of pollinator habitats. Nearly 60% of Connecticut’s bee population was lost in 2015 alone.

“This could have catastrophic consequences for our landscape, crops, livestock and air quality,” State Rep. John Shaban (R-135) said.

Read the full storyon the Easton Courier

Breakups are hard in any situation but in politics they come and go and sometimes they come back together. Break up, get back together, break up, get back together. The Connecticut Working Families Party has separated from Democratic Congressman Jim Himes–in a disagreement on recent positions he has taken–who enjoyed a second line in the past that has amounted to extra votes, but will not in the November general election. Meanwhile his Republican opponent State Rep. John Shaban has landed the endorsement of Connecticut’s Independent Party that will give him another line.

Read the full story on Only In Bridgeport

The Independent Party of CT is a formal party comprised of people who, like most of us, know that politics as usual is not working for our residents.  Like I have done in Hartford for the last six years, I will put you first regardless of any pressure from a party or special interest group.  This is exactly what Connecticut needs, and exactly what Connecticut has not had with Himes, Gov. Malloy, Blumenthal et al. 



Bridgeport is generally alien territory for Republican candidates. John Shaban writes on his Bridgeport campaign web page “As the Republican candidate for US Congress in CT’s fourth district, many people reflexively ask “what is your Bridgeport strategy” … as if Bridgeport is a foreign land in need of a foreign policy.”

Read the full story in Only In Bridgeport

In 2013, Connecticut took the lead in researching, drafting and passing a GMO labeling law that, based in part on State Rep. John Shaban’s (R-135) work on the GMO task force, would have both given people needed information while withstanding legal challenges by the food industry. Unfortunately, this state-based effort was killed in the cradle last week when President Obama signed the S. 764 bill into law.

Connecticut’s GMO law would have required all food sold on Connecticut’s shelves made with genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled as such.  

Read the full story on the Redding Pilot Web Site

After proposing sharp rate increases for next year’s health insurance plans for individuals and small groups, a trio of insurers faced a barrage of criticism from elected officials and the public during a series of hearings Wednesday and Thursday.

The insurers – Anthem, ConnectiCare and Aetna – said that changes at the federal level and a sicker customer pool have created the need for their proposed double-digit rate increases.

Read the full story on the CT Mirror


ConnectiCare officials listen during a public hearing on their proposed rate increases Thursday. KYLE CONSTABLE / CTMIRROR.ORG

A buddy of mine put this together for the campaign (had to buy him a few beers) and I thought it was pretty funny...

View on YouTube



Bridgeport police met with state and local officials Tuesday to discuss how to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Rep. John Shaban led the discussion with police.

Chief AJ Perez says illegal guns are being unloaded into Bridgeport every day and that he has made it his top priority to get illegal guns off the streets.

Every election year politicians use tired phrases like “create jobs” and “it’s the economy stupid” while offering little else. The undeniable solution to our current wage stagnation and economic malaise is to pursue policies that will ensure broad, sustainable economic growth.

Indeed, both Rs and Ds generally believe that the private sector economy drives prosperity and freedom in our country. So how then should we proceed? Do we need more laws? More programs? What role if any should government play?

The answers to these recurring questions derive, in large part, from the lessons we learned playing Monopoly.


Read the full story in the Weston Forum online

REDDING, Conn. – A bill co-sponsored by state Rep John Shaban (R-135) has been signed into law that establishes a court-appointed special advocate program to provide assistance in neglect, abuse, custody, guardianship or family with service needs cases in juvenile court.

Read the full story in Westport Dailyvoice

The law takes effect Oct. 1. For additional information, please visit  .

A Republican was spotted in the East End over the weekend. When it comes to the African American-rich Democratic neighborhood in the state’s largest city where Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim ran up large pluralities last year, Republican political players have gone the way of the 8-track player. GOP congressional candidate John Shaban, a friend of the mayor, shared a photo of him with Joe on Shaban’s Twitter and Facebook page standing in front of the City Hall on Wheels vehicle, stationed in the East End, that the mayor announced last week would be visiting city neighborhoods. Shaban is challenging four-term Democratic incumbent Jim Himes.

Read the full story in

Mayor Joe Ganim Declares Heat Emergency in Bridgeport

Mayor Ganim uses teh Bridgeport mobil town hall to help residents know about cooling stations in Bridgeport and pass out cold water.  John Shaban joins him to assist.


See the CH 12 video

The state Insurance Department has placed HealthyCT under an immediate order of supervision and said policy holders will be covered through the end of the current policy, but members will need to choose new carriers when their policies end.

A statement from the Insurance Department says the decision comes about because HealthyCT’s financial health is unstable and was seriously jeopardized by a federal requirement issued June 30.

Read the full story: Thousands Will Need New Insurance After HealthyCT Deemed Financially Unstable | NBC Connecticut

This week, State Rep. John Shaban, who is running for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District joins hosts Kate Czaplinski and Josh Fisher to talk campaigning in an unusual election year and his response to national gun control debate. Watch the show below:

Shaban, who is challenging Congressman Jim Himes, gives his take on the Congressman’s response to the Orlando shooting, which included a call for action on new gun control measures and refusing to partake in a moment of silence.

Read more in the Bridgeport News...

While Connecticut’s all-Democratic congressional delegation grabbed the media spotlight with a filibuster and sit-in to get a vote on gun-control legislation, their Republican challengers stood mostly in opposition to what they characterize as an affront to the Second Amendment.

The outlier among the Republicans is state Rep. John Shaban, who is challenging Democrat Jim Himes in the 4th Congressional District. The three-term lawmaker from Redding supported the state’s 2013 gun-control package, which the Legislature and governor adopted in response to the killing of 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The December 2012 attack was the deadliest grade school shooting in U.S. history.

“I’m one of the guys who voted for the gun bill because I thought it was the right thing to do, both with device controls, mental health initiatives and school security,” Shaban said.

A gun owner and hunter, Shaban said he is open to restricting gun sales to people on the “no fly” terrorist watch list if there is a mechanism for individuals who have been wrongly flagged to remove their names.

He also said he could support expanded background checks and a federal ban on high-capacity magazines, but not as piecemeal measures. Congress, he said, must address illegal gun trafficking that has plagued cities.

“If all we’re doing is saying, ‘No more 50-shot clips,’ that’s not gonna do it,” Shaban said. “We’re losing scores of young kids in our inner cities every year, but people don’t seem to focus on that.”

Read the full story in the CT Post...

DANBURY — Some 14,000 low-income parents will lose their state-sponsored Medicaid health insurance coverage Aug. 1, so Connecticut’s health care insurance exchange held an enrollment fair Wednesday to help them find a replacement plan.

Nobody came.

"We gotta get the word out there," said Debra Eastman, assistant manager of storefronts and community enrollment partner sites for Access Health CT. "It will be one of our top priorities to figure out how we're going to get to this population that's here in Danbury."

>Read the full story in the Connecticut Mirror...

This week my opponent for the 2016 CT4 congressional race, incumbent Jim Himes (D), refused to observe a moment of silence on the House floor for the victims of the Orlando attacks, calling it “unconscionable” and adding that “Our silence does not honor the victims, it mocks them.”

Himes’ histrionics are not only inappropriate, his current refusal to pause for a moment of silence stands in stark contrast to his eight years of silence on the broader issue.   

Indeed, the primary source of gun violence in our state and in our nation’s cities is the illegal shipment of firearms (mostly handguns) across state lines.  This is, first and foremost, a federal job and always has been.  Yet our federal representatives have done little to address the problem, save perhaps for pithy policy statements and the occasional photo op. 

Following the Newtown attacks in 2012, I and others in the Connecticut General Assembly supported a bipartisan “gun bill” that, while imperfect, included major enhancements to background checks, mental health screening and school security funding, along with certain gun and device restrictions.  Central in this effort was, for me at least, the resumption of funding to the nearly defunct CT Firearms Trafficking Task Force to work alongside federal authorities to thwart illegal gun trafficking.  In fact, I filed a bill in 2014 seeking to increase the task force’s funding five-fold.

Sadly the current fiscal collapse of Connecticut’s state finances -- caused by the mismanagement of our resources in DC and Hartford -- has led to massive funding cuts to this same task force and the same mental health screening and school security programs we just created.  Just when stronger state and federal coordination on illegal trafficking (and background checks) is needed, our state’s bad fiscal policies have once again led to poor public policy.  Himes’ historical position on the collapse of our state finances and related gun violence measures – silence.

At the same time, the federal government’s efforts on illegal gun trafficking has vacillated between mediocre and illusory.  Indeed, the statistics show that the problem has actually worsened in many cities.   Himes’ historical position on the federal government’s failure to curtail illegal gun trafficking – more silence.

We can and must devote the attention and resources needed to stop illegal gun trafficking because it is the central causative agent to the gun violence ravaging too many of our communities.  A prompt and pragmatic state and federal effort will help solve these problems, “taking [a] stand on these moments of silence” will not.

Enjoying a meal Thursday at Caren’s Cos Cobber was a way to help Greenwich Emergency Medical Services.

All day on May 19, 50 percent of the proceeds at the popular Cos Cob restaurant went to GEMS.

The restaurant opened for breakfast on Thursday, something it does not typically do on weekdays, to bring in even more revenue for GEMS besides the typical lunch and dinner crowds. 

“GEMS is very important to this town,” Shaban said. “They are there within minutes to an emergency and it’s so important to have that kind of amazing response.”

Emil “Bennie” Benvenuto’s legacy of helping his neighbors was front and center Wednesday when the playing field at the park he helped the town acquire was named in his honor.

Also attending the unveiling and dedication were State Reps. Livvy Floren (R-149th) and Michael Bocchino (R-150th); state Sen. L. Scott Frantz (R-36th), First Selectman Peter Tesei and Selectman John Toner. State Rep. John Shaban (R-135th) who is running for the United States Congress in the 4th district, which includes Greenwich, was also on hand.

Read the entire story in the Greenwich Time

Washington – The race to represent Fairfield County in Congress pits a former Rhodes scholar and Wall Street whiz kid against an attorney and former semi-pro football star with roots in local politics in a contest that has so far drawn little notice.

Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, the former Rhodes scholar, was swept into office in 2008 with the help of President Obama’s popularity in Fairfield County, defeating Republican Chris Shays and turning Connecticut’s congressional delegation solidly Democratic.

An attorney who coaches football for the Aspetuck Wildcats Association, a sports club for second- through eighth-graders, and a member of the Redding Republican Town Committee, Shaban considers himself a “common-sense” Republican who has cut deals with General Assembly Democrats.

Read the story in the Connecticut Mirror>

Legislative leaders from Westport warned constituents last week that they should be worried about the state budget for the next fiscal year, which was just passed over the weekend with nearly $900 million in cuts.

Westport’s General Assembly members — Reps. Jonathan Steinberg, Gail Lavielle and John Shaban and Sens. Tony Hwang and Toni Boucher — presented the end-of-session update on Wednesday at the Westport Library.

Read the story in the Westporty Daily Voice


Photo From left, Chamber Chair Matt Mandell, Rep. John Shaban, Sen. Tony Hwang, Nicole Cline from CBIA, Sen. Toni Boucher, Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, and Rep. Gail Lavielle Photo Credit: Roy Fuchs

John Shaban (R-135) will be hosting a Recycling Forum in Westport on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 to educate constituents on proper recycling habits – e.g., what materials can and cannot be recycled, proper waste streams, etc. – along with a discussion of this year’s environmental efforts and the status of various initiatives such as GMO labeling, brownfield remediation, and other legislation passed this session.

Read the story in the Weston-Redding-Easton Patch>

Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim Himes will be challenged by Redding Republican state Rep. John Shaban in November.

Himes was nominated for a fifth two-year term representing the Fourth District — which includes of most of Fairfield County — during the Democratic district convention in Bridgeport Monday night. Connecticut Democrats renominated all of their incumbent office holders.

Shaban was unopposed at Monday night’s GOP district convention.

Read the story int he Shelton Herald.

On Sunday, John  appeared on Fox 61’s weekly segment, The Real Story, with hosts Al Terzi and Jenn Bernstein. See the 8-mionute clip below


Watch Tom Appleby interview John Shaban on Focus on Connecticut on News Channel 12.

State Representative John Shaban (R-135) discusses the state's budget problems and why he is running for US Congress with Tom Appleby.


Click here to listen to John Shaban and Tom Appleby.

The end of the quarter is tomorrow and the national Republican party is looking to see how much money John raises before midnight tomorrow night. So, he needs your help today!

For your viewing pleasure, we've included video (below) of John's News 12's "Meet the Leaders" interview where he discussed the beginning of the legislative session. Click here to watch the Channel 12 interview.

Connecticut’s declining fiscal condition is, unfortunately, also generating reciprocal and exculpatory rhetoric from our current political leaders.  Rather than address the cause of our budgetary woes, our leaders are instead retreating to a false political narrative -- blaming our state’s fiscal collapse on an alleged and inescapable “new economic reality” where economic hope and prosperity must yield to lower expectations. 

>

State Rep. John Shaban (R-135), founder of the non-profit program Athletes in the Community (AITC), will be presenting a check for nearly $7,000 to the Southwestern Connecticut Grizzlies Football team during a brief press conference onWednesday, Feb. 10, at 11:30 a.m., at Housatonic Community College, 90 Lafayette Blvd, Bridgeport, CT. Room BH125 in Beacon Hall.

Read more from the Bridgeport News.



Stamford resident Harold Novack was the victim of a Grinch during the Christmas holiday.

The former volunteer firefighter at Stamford’s Glenbrook Fire Department suffers from muscular dystrophy and he relies upon a power wheelchair to travel outside his Shippan Avenue home.

Read more form the Stamford Patch.

I am very proud to serve on the board of the Needs Clearing House, which helped former Stamford volunteer firefighter Harold Novack, who has Muscular Dystrophy, get a new power wheelchair!






In case you missed it, John was interviewed by the Hersam Acorn Network's new CT politics and news program, CT Pulse.

He gave his take on the race with Jim Himes as well as his perspectives on GE and the State's continuing fiscal problems. You can see the entire interview here.



Last week, GE confirmed that it is moving its headquarters out of Connecticut after 40-plus years. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, “GE first publicly threatened its move in June, blaming a Connecticut budget deal that raised corporate taxes and what company officials described as an inhospitable business climate in the state.”

Read more ftom the Weston Forum

This week GE confirmed that it is moving its headquarters out of Connecticut after 40-plus years. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, “GE first publicly threatened its move in June, blaming a Connecticut budget deal that raised corporate taxes and what company officials described as an inhospitable business climate in the state.”  


Read more fropm the Easton Courrier.

The Ridgefield Republican Town Committee held a Meet & Greet event to Sunday, January 17, 2016 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The event will be held at the Ridgefield Parks & Recreation building at.

John Shaban served as master of ceremonies at the CTGOP Straw Poll held in Stamford.

With the United Nations’ Climate Change Summit now over, State Rep. John Shaban, attended a conference Jan. 8 to discuss the Paris Agreement and how Connecticut will work to address related emissions requirements and coastal planning strategies.



Easton First Selectman Adam Dunsby confirmed that he is considering a run for the state House of Representatives 135th District seat now that state Rep. John Shaban plans to seek the 4th district seat occupied by U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat.


Weston’s state legislators  — Toni Boucher, John Shaban and Tony Hwang — presented Palmer with a citation, acknowledging her excellence of service with the Weston school district.


>

John Shaban was fortunate to attend the December interfaith prayer breakfast in Bridgeport wiht State Senator Tony Hwang.

Download and view a brief clip of John Shaban discussing his campaign announcement on CH 12 News.

Here we go again.  In a recent visit to New Canaan, Congressman Himes opined that employers "can’t necessarily trust what we hear out of Hartford,” all while acknowledging that the state's continuing financial woes and unpredictable fiscal policies are both driving employers like GE from the state and hurting Connecticut residents.

Such epiphanies mark the beginning of Mr. Himes's biannual effort to distance himself from his own party and his own policies to mask the fact that -- like the current leadership in Hartford -- Mr. Himes is a big borrow, big tax, big spend Democrat who believes in a big centralized government.  Mr. Himes' public policies, and his contribution to the State's undeniable problems, can not be hidden by another round of election year camouflage.

Indeed, like his Democratic colleagues in Hartford, Mr. Himes continues to support increases in government borrowing and taxation to pay for the gluttonous growth of our federal government's size and spending.  Himes has proudly supported every federal spending and “stimulus” boondoggle along with the related debt imposed on future generations.  Indeed, since he has been in office federal spending and our national debt have exploded, while our economy has crept along at under 3 percent and wages have remained stagnant.

Like his Democratic colleagues in Hartford, Mr. Himes also support a concentration of power away from the legislature and to the executive -- as evidenced by his support of President Obama’s reckless deal with Iran, and his support of secretive "fast track" trade agreements that shut out public input from elected representatives and relevant labor and environmental interest groups.

Lastly, and like his Democratic colleagues in Hartford, Mr. Himes continues to support polices that, once stripped of the canned rhetoric, actually hurt our ability to improve our schools and local communities. 

Indeed, Connecticut's citizens send near the most to Washington, get back near the least, and are simultaneously being stripped of their control of local needs and funding -- authority that continues to move away from our local boards and officials and to Washington politicians elected in other states.  Meanwhile, while the federal government bleeds this state dry, our democratic friends in Hartford squander what's left. 

In the end, the Himes/Hartford big tax, big spend, big government approach has left this district -- one of the wealthiest in the country -- with too many schools, programs and infrastructure projects that are either broke or broken.  After nearly eight years of this approach, Connecticut is losing population, jobs, opportunities and, even more concerning, the ability to correct our course.  It simply has to stop.

Talk is cheap, but properly funding schools, infrastructure and environmental protection are not.  Yelling "I'm not with them" every two years will neither change these facts nor help improve our communities.

To the editor:

In response to the state’s continuing fiscal plunge, Gov. Dannel Malloy recently announced additional funding cuts, $58.5 million of which will impact, yet again, Connecticut hospitals and health care.

The legislature had a special session in June to revisit the Democrats’ new taxes on employers and their proposed cuts to hospitals. While the Democrats refused to cut spending or repeal their latest tax hikes, they did agree to rescind most of the hospital cuts. Last month, however, the governor decided to put the cuts back into the budget under his authority to make adjustments in times of fiscal crisis.

>

From the Bridgeport News: 

State Rep. John Shaban (R-135), has announced plans to run for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s 4th District. Shaban currently represents Weston, Redding and Easton.

He would speculatively be running against U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, an incumbent Democrat.

>

State Rep. John Shaban of Weston and other Connecticut Republicans are slamming Gov. Dannel Malloy's recent funding cuts, of which $63 million they say will impact Connecticut hospitals and health care.

In June, the Legislature held a special session to revisit both the Democrats' new taxes on employers and their proposed cuts to Connecticut hospitals.

>

The GOP recruiting class for 2016 congressional candidates got a commitment Thursday from state Rep. John Shaban of Redding, the first would-be challenger of Democratic incumbent Jim Himes in a district that is trending away from Republicans.

Shaban, 51, ran for his party’s nomination in the 4th Congressional District in 2014, but suspended his campaign before the state GOP convention.

He’s in his third term in the Legislature and is a commercial litigator at the Greenwich law firm of Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan.


>

Washington – Republican John Shaban said he’s challenging  Rep. Jim Himes because he thinks Connecticut gets a raw deal from Washington — with many more dollars leaving the state in federal taxes than come back to shore up schools and infrastructure.

“For every dollar we send to D.C., they send us 65 cents and tell us how to spend it,” Shaban said.


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Weston State Rep. John Shaban (R-135), who also represents Redding and Easton, announced in a Facebook post Aug. 11, he plans to run for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s 4th district.

He would speculatively be running against Jim Himes, an incumbent Democrat.

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Last week Congressman Jim Himes announced his support for the Obama Administration's Iran nuclear deal.  In doing so, Himes has ignored his constituency, the Constitution, and common sense.

Even ignoring Fairfield County's generally pro-Israel viewpoint, most folks agree that -- while negotiation with our enemies is a must -- we must show resolve to achieve positive results for our country and its allies, not veiled capitulation to create needless and hollow content for a presidential legacy.

Indeed, Henry Kissinger and George Schultz recently noted that "the negotiations that began 12 years ago as an international effort to prevent an Iranian capability to develop a nuclear arsenal are ending with an agreement that concedes this very capability, albeit short of its full capacity in the first 10 years."  Sadly, the Administration and its supporters on the Iran deal have abandoned long-term resolve for temporary and uncertain results.

In supporting this retreat, Himes has also ignored the Constitution.

Significantly, the Administration entered into the Iran nuclear deal through a mere executive agreement, not through a national treaty as it should have.   Executive agreements are typically used in short-term and/or minor agreements, whereas under our Constitution and history, significant international obligations are established through treaties -- a national act that requires Senate consent by a two-thirds vote.

Rather than asserting the Senate's Constitutional authority, however, Congress instead equivocated by passing the Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015 (which Himes supported).  The Iran Act ignored the Senate super-majority required by the Constitution for treaties, and replaced it with a simple majority vote in both houses of Congress to approve an Iran deal.  In essence, the Act flipped the Constitution on its head by replacing the two-third Senate vote needed to approve the deal, with a two-third (i.e., veto-proof) majority vote in both houses to stop the deal.  Thus, Himes' vote in favor of the Iran deal is not only poor policy, it comes under the flawed and flaccid authority that he and others in Congress settled for under the Act.

Moreover, Himes' support of this rewrite of the Constitution, and ultimately the Iran deal, has utterly ignored the Senate's authority to change the deal should it decide to do so.  As noted by Senator Schumer (D-NY) and others, the Senate has the authority to revise the deal by approving such treaties conditioned on delineated amendments -- an authority the Senate has used in hundreds of similar treaties in our history.

Lastly, and more importantly, Himes' support of the Iran deal ignores common sense.

Iran is still led by theocrats bent on destroying the West, and in particular, the United States and Israel.  This will not change any time soon.  Indeed, Himes and the deal's backers tacitly acknowledge as much when they resort to fear tactics to justify their support, arguing falsely that the only choice we have is between blanket approval of the deal or war with Iran.

So instead of keeping Iran off of the path to nuclear weapons, Himes has agreed to a deal where under Iran: (i) keeps its dedicated nuclear weapons facility; (ii) keeps its centrifuges; (iii) is permitted to construct new and advanced centrifuges in eight years; and (iv) is authorized to reprocess spent nuclear fuel in 15 years.

Moreover, President Obama has abandoned his insistence upon "anytime, anywhere" inspections, settling now for vague compliance language and giving Iran at least a 24 day notice before inspections of undeclared sites may commence - almost an entire month!  Notably, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this same month that Iran is currently denying United Nations nuclear weapons inspectors' access to key scientists and military officers under existing international requirements.

Of course our nation's acceptance of the Iran deal and its weak compliance language might prompt Iran into sudden compliance with this agreement and similar international measures, but common sense suggests otherwise.

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At bottom, the Administration's Iran deal leaves Iran on the same path to a nuclear weapon, albeit on a slightly slower track.  Like North Korea and Russia, Iran will neither honor the terms of this agreement nor accede to the administration's reading of its language.  The entire agreement is a retreat from the United States' original goal of stopping Iran's nuclear program and keeping our nation and our allies safe.  All said, Himes' support of the Iran deal marks a serious and troubling departure from his constituents, the Constitution and basic common sense.

Please help me to end Jim Himes' tenure as Congressman and bring common sense back to Washington by donating here.

Redding State Rep. John Shaban (R-135), who also represents Easton and Weston, announced in a Facebook post August 11 he plans to run for the U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s 4th district.

He would speculatively be running against Jim Himes, an incumbent Democrat.




John Shaban to present at Norwalk Youth Concussion Summit on August 24.  Representative Shaban is the President of the Aspetuck Youth Football and Cheer Program, and was instrumental in getting new legislation passed last year to improve the channels of information about, and recognition of, youth concussions.   He will speak along with Katherine Snedaker and Norwalk Mayor Rilling at the Summit


For years Shaban has worked with Katherine Snedaker to promote concussion awareness in youth sports.  Snedaker is member of both the National Sports Concussion Coalition and the Advisory Council for Protecting Athletes and Sports Safety initiative, an adviser to the National Council on Youth Sports Safety, Inc., and the principal behind, and  


fro more information about the summit, click here